Ed Budd
Your Host and Teacher

This is the “official” archive of of the “End Times According To The Bible.”  This was a weekly radio talk-show broadcast from Christian Talk 660 in Greenville, South Carolina.  Every Saturday from late 2009 through March of 2014 you could hear it live and call in.

We maintain these archives so that those desiring to hear the original broadcasts can access them, even download them, and listen at your pleasure.

Ed and his wife Alice would relocate back to South Florida and then again a few years later to Northern Florida where Ed continued an active ministry teaching and preaching in a variety of ways.

In March 2019, after a 57-year marriage, the Lord graciously called Ed’s wife, Alice, to the mansions in Glory.  Today, Ed mourns not as one who has no hope, but rather, continues on in vigorous service to their Savior as he knows she would have him do.

Ed now has become what Floridians call a “Snow-Bird Pastor.”  Anticipating ministering in Phillipsburg, NJ (his hometown) for the six months of moderate weather and then in Hernando, Florida at the first signs of winter in Pennsylvania.

A published author on the subject of Eschatology, Ed’s publications are presently not available through this website.