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December 28, 20132013-12-28These verses teach the going forth of the Gospel, not the second coming of Christ.
Rev. 19:11-16
December 21, 20132013-12-21Blessed are those called to the marriage supper of the Lamb.
Rev. 19:8-10
December 14, 20132013-12-14The bride of Christ has been made ready by the death of the harlot wife.
Rev. 19:5-7
December 7, 20132013-12-07The five hallelujahs offered to God for avenging his saints
Rev. 19:1-4
November 30, 20132013-11-30A review of the central teaching of each chapter
Rev. 1-22
November 23, 20132013-11-23Jerusalem is spiritually destroyed for the shedding of the blood of the prophets and saints.
Rev. 18:22-24
November 16, 20132013-11-16Those who mourn and those who rejoice over the destruction of Israel
Rev. 18:17-21
November 9, 20132013-11-09The Roman rulers and religious leaders of Israel both weep over their loss of wealth.
Rev. 18:9-16
November 2, 20132013-11-02Israel Glorifies Herself , Not God -- Therefore She Is Punished
Rev. 18:7-8
October 26, 20132013-10-26God Acts Against Jerusalem As He Has Said He Would
Rev. 18:5-6
October 19, 20132013-10-19God's Church Comes Out Of Apostate Israel
Rev 18:4
October 12, 20132013-10-12All The Nations Of Earth Commit Fornication With Israel
Rev. 18:3
October 5, 20132013-10-05Christ In Angelic Form Condemns 1st Century Jerusalem
Rev. 18:1-2
September 28, 20132013-09-28The Woman Is 1st Century Jerusalem That Reigns Over The Kings Of The Earth
Rev. 17:17-18
September 21, 20132013-09-21The Roman army destroys the Harlot, First Century Jerusalem
Rev. 17:15-16
September 14, 20132013-09-14The Lamb overcomes His enemies
Rev. 17:13-14
September 7, 20132013-09-07Ten Provinces of Rome all unite against Israel
Rev. 17:13
August 31, 20132013-08-31The 8th Who Is of the 7th Revealed
Rev. 17:11
August 17, 20132013-08-17The Harlot Sits Upon The Beast - Continued
August 10, 20132013-08-10The Harlot Sits Upon The Beast
Rev. 17:9
August 3, 20132013-08-03The parody of Satan mocking the Trinity
July 27, 20132013-07-27The Mystery of the Woman
Rev. 17:7
July 20, 20132013-07-20Jerusalem, the woman, sits on Rome, the beast
Rev. 17:6-7