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October 17, 20112011-10-17"Jerusalem, the woman, sits on Rome, the beast"
Rev. 17:3-4
October 10, 20112011-10-10"Jerusalem is both the harlot and Great Babylon"
Rev. 17:1-2
October 3, 20112011-10-03"Israel's idolatry leads to her destruction"
Rev. 17:1-2
September 26, 20112011-09-26Fourteen reasons "Babylon the Great" is Jerusalem in A.D. 70
Rev. 17 Part Three
September 19, 20112011-09-19Fourteen reasons "Babylon the Great" is Jerusalem in A.D. 70
Rev. 17 Part Two
September 12, 20112011-09-12Fourteen reasons "Babylon the Great" is Jerusalem in A.D. 70.
Rev. 17 Part One
September 5, 20112011-09-05Labor Day (rebroadcast August 29, 2011)
August 29, 20112011-08-29"The anti-christ hoax," with special guest Joel McDurmon
1 John 2:18
August 22, 20112011-08-22"Judgment language describing the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D.70"
Rev. 16:20-21
August 15, 20112011-08-15"Great Babylon is Jerusalem"
August 8, 20112011-08-08"The real Battle of Armageddon is over"
Rev. 16:16
August 1, 20112011-08-01"Two questions to ask concerning the teaching of Futurism"
Rev. 16:12
July 25, 20112011-07-25"The reversing of the Exodus plagues upon Israel"
Rev. 16:8-11
July 18, 20112011-07-18"What the Bible alone says about these foul and loathsome sores and other plagues"
July 11, 20112011-07-11"The bowls will complete God's wrath upon Israel"
Rev. 16:1-2
July 4, 20112011-07-04No show today - thanks.Holiday
June 27, 20112011-06-27An overview of Revelation 6:9-11
June 24, 20112011-06-24"The book of Daniel, Chapters 1 and 2" with guest pastor, Dr. Paul Dean.
June 20, 20112011-06-20"The book of Daniel, Chapters 1 and 2" with guest pastor, Dr. Paul Dean.
June 17, 20112011-06-17"The book of Daniel, Chapters 1 and 2" with guest pastor, Dr. Paul Dean.Not Available
June 13, 20112011-06-13"Israel receives blood to drink from God"
Rev. 15:7-8
June 10, 20112011-06-10"Dispensationalism-Futurism right or wrong: What does God's word say?"
Matt. 24:34
June 6, 20112011-06-06"The temple is in heaven not on the earth."
Rev. 15:5-6
June 3, 20112011-06-03A prophecy conference interview with Dr. Gary Demar
May 30, 20112011-05-30The definition of dispensationalism
May 27, 20112011-05-27Dispensationalism covers up its misinterpretation of the word generation. 
Matt. 24:32-34
May 23, 20112011-05-23The early church saints rejoice in Christ's victory on their behalf. 
Rev. 15:3-4.
May 20, 20112011-05-20Dispensationalism-Futurism purposely misinterprets the word "generation" Part 3
Matt. 24:34
May 16, 20112011-05-16Dispensationalism-Futurism purposely misinterprets the word "generation" Part 2
Matt. 24:34
May 13, 20112011-05-13Dispensationalism-Futurism purposely misinterprets the word "generation"
Matt. 24:34
May 9, 20112011-05-09"Why study the book of Revelation?" with Pastor Jeff Jowers
Rev. 1-22
May 6, 20112011-05-06"The kingdom of God:" Daniel 2 and 7 with  guest Pastor Dr. Paul Dean.
May 2, 20112011-05-02"The kingdom of God:" Daniel 2 and 7 with  guest Pastor Dr. Paul Dean.
April 29, 20112011-04-29"The kingdom of God:" Daniel 2 and 7 with  guest Pastor Dr. Paul Dean.
April 25, 20112011-04-25Christ now reigns something that is denied by Futurism in today's church
Matthew 24:30
April 22, 20112011-04-22"Dispensationalism-Futurism tested by scripture and found in great error" Part Two, 1 Cor. 2:14
April 18, 20112011-04-18Dispensationalism-Futurism tested by Scripture and found in great error
1 Cor.2:14
April 15, 20112011-04-15The beast of Revelation with special guest Dr. Ken Gentry
Rev. 13
April 11, 20112011-04-11Various prophecy topics and questions answered, with special guest Dr. Gary Demar
April 8, 20112011-04-08An overview of Matthew 24 and 25 with guest Pastor Carroll Poole.
Matt. 24-25
April 4, 20112011-04-04The true biblical Israel gains the victory and breaks out into songs of praise
April 1, 20112011-04-01Jesus now rules and reigns with great power and glory
Matt. 24:30
March 28, 20112011-03-28Why the literalist only system of interpretation is wrong
Rev. 15:1
March 25, 20112011-03-25Christ reigns despite the Jewish universe collapsing, 
Matt. 24:30
March 21, 20112011-03-21The revealing of God's wrath on Israel
Rev. 15:1-2
March 18, 20112011-03-18The history of Israel's destruction in AD 70
Matt. 24:30
March 14, 20112011-03-14Futurism gets chapter 15 all wrong
March 11, 20112011-03-11Immediately means immediately not thousands of years
March 7, 20112011-03-07Futurism's wrong interpretation of Revelation Chapter 15
Revelation 15:1-8
March 4, 20112011-03-04The word "immediately" destroys Futurism's 1000-year millennial reign
Matthew 24:29
February 28, 20112011-02-28Daniel Chapter 12 overview - Dr. Paul Dean
February 25, 20112011-02-25Daniel Chapter 12 overview - Dr. Paul Dean
February 21, 20112011-02-21Daniel Chapter 11 overview  - Pastor Jeff Jowers
February 18, 20112011-02-18Daniel Chapter 11 overview - Dr. Paul Dean
February 14, 20112011-02-14The early date of the book of Revelation, special guest Dr. Ken Gentry
February 11, 20112011-02-11Judgment language not literalism as taught by futurists
Matthew 24:29
February 7, 20112011-02-07Israel and its capital Jerusalem are crushed by God
Rev. 14:19-20
February 4, 20112011-02-04Futurism's error of forcing literalism on this verse
January 31, 20112011-01-31The judgment coming upon Israel as stated by Christ takes place in AD 70
January 28, 20112011-01-28The great dispensational errors of interpretating Matt. 24:29-30.
January 24, 20112011-01-24God's wrathful harvest of Israel, the vine, for killing their messiah
January 21, 20112011-01-21The great tribulation is past when God spiritually deserted Israel in A.D.70
January 17, 20112011-01-17Jesus gathers the elect of the early church
Revelation 14:14-16
January 14, 20112011-01-14The verses that futurists use to try and prove a future 7-year tribulation do not do so
Daniel 9:24-27
January 10, 20112011-01-10What the golden crown worn by Jesus means
Rev. 14:14
January 7, 20112011-01-07The future great tribulation is a fable, Matt. 24:21
January 3, 20112011-01-03The bibical interpretation of partial-preterism is the correct interpretation of Rev. 14:14-20.