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December 26, 20092009-12-26Who are the Elect of God in the Bible?
Guest Pastor Robert Spears
John 1:11-13
December 19, 20092009-12-19The Fall of Israel Causes the Gospel to Go to the Whole World
Rev. 8:10-13
December 12, 20092009-12-12Israel and Jerusalem are the Mountain of God that is Thrown into the Sea in Judgement
Rev. 8:6-9
December 5, 20092009-12-05Israel Will Be Destroyed by Fire from God's Altar for Its Apostasy and Standing in the Way of the Gospel
Rev. 8:1-5
November 28, 20092009-11-28The True Temple of God is Not an Earthly Building
Rev. 7:9-17
November 21, 20092009-11-21The True Israel of God is the Church of Jesus Christ
November 14, 20092009-11-14The Identity of the 144,000 Revealed
Rev. 7:1-8
November 7, 20092009-11-07Teachings That Dispensationalists Have in Common with Jehovah Witnesses
October 31, 20092009-10-31The Judgement of Israel Intensified
Rev. 6:12-17
October 24, 20092009-10-24The Idenity and Purpose of the Four Horsemen
Rev. 6:4-11, Cont.
October 17, 20092009-10-17The Idenity and Purpose of the Four Horsemen
Rev. 6:1-8
October 10, 20092009-10-10An Introduction to the 7 Seals and the Judgment of Israel
Rev. 6:1-2
October 3, 20092009-10-03The Olivet Discourse
Matt. 24:16-34
September 26, 20092009-09-26The Olivet Discourse
Matt. 24:1-15
September 19, 20092009-09-19The Two Covenants of God, 
Heb. 8:7-13
September 12, 20092009-09-12The New Covenant
Rev. 5:7-14
September 5, 20092009-09-05Behold the Lamb of God
Rev. 5:1-4
August 29, 20092009-08-29The Throne of God, 
Rev. 4: 5-11 Cont.
August 22, 20092009-08-22The Throne of God, 
Rev. 4:1-5
August 15, 20092009-08-15Today's Nation of Israel in Prophecy? Cont.
August 8, 20092009-08-08Today's Nation of Israel in Prophecy? Cont.
August 1, 20092009-08-01Today's Nation of Israel in Prophecy?
July 25, 20092009-07-25The Message to the Church of Laodicea
July 18, 20092009-07-18The Letter to the Church at Philadelphia Cont.
Rev. 3:11-13
July 11, 20092009-07-11The Message to the Church at Philadelphia
July 4, 20092009-07-04The Church and Israel with Pastor Robert Spears
June 27, 20092009-06-27The Message to the Church at Sardis
Rev. 3:1-6
June 20, 20092009-06-20The Message to the Church at Thyatira
June 13, 20092009-06-13The Message to the Church at Pergamos, Cont.
Rev. 2:13-17
June 6, 20092009-06-06The Message to the Church of Pergamos
May 30, 20092009-05-30The Message to Smyrna
Rev. 2:8-11
May 23, 20092009-05-23Matthew 24 and 25 with guest Ron Creech
May 16, 20092009-05-16The Message to Ephesus
Rev. 2:1-7
May 9, 20092009-05-09Revelation: The Covenant Lawsuit Against Israel
May 2, 20092009-05-02Revelation 1:9-20
April 25, 20092009-04-25Dating the Book of Revelation
April 18, 20092009-04-18Daniel 12:1-13
April 11, 20092009-04-11Atonement Sermon
Matthew 26:36-46
April 4, 20092009-04-04Daniel 11:40-Daniel 12:1-3
March 28, 20092009-03-28Daniel 11:36-39
March 21, 20092009-03-21Daniel Chapters 10-11-12
March 14, 20092009-03-14Overview of DanielNot Available
March 7, 20092009-03-07Revelation, Chapter 1:7
February 28, 20092009-02-28Revelation, Chapter 1:4-6
February 21, 20092009-02-21Errors of Rebuilt Temple Teaching
February 14, 20092009-02-14Revelation, Chapter 1:1-3 Continued
February 7, 20092009-02-07Revelation, Chapter 1:1-3
January 31, 20092009-01-31Gary DeMar on Matthew 24
January 24, 20092009-01-24The Vanishing Away of the Old Covenant
January 17, 20092009-01-17The Kingdom of God Continued
January 10, 20092009-01-10The Kingdom of GodNot Available
January 3, 20092009-01-03Daniel, Chapter 9:24-27Not Available