The Rapture Theory, Unveiled

The Rapture Theory, Unveiled gives you a lively look at the very human parade of people involved with the Rapture theory – from the Garden of Eden through the present. But it also hands you a powerful Scriptural analysis of proof-texts used by Dispensationalists and their opponents.

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The Rapture Theory Unveiled
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An interesting point: The book discounts any human conspiracies – but the error of the Rapture theory is objectively and conclusively revealed.

The Rapture Theory, Unveiled gives a comprehensive, yet easy-to-read, exposé of the Rapture theory. It unravels the Rapture theory – past and present.

Ed Budd uses his more than thirty years of research and study of prophetic Scripture and end times teachings to clarify the issues. His insightful explanation of this widely-held hermeneutical error is an exciting resource for the serious student of prophecy.

There is no better source for understanding this doctrinal theory and why Scripture does not support its accuracy. The Rapture Theory, Unveiled is a ready reference tool for the pastor and teacher, as well as a great introduction for any believer trying to discern God’s Truth about end times issues.

The Rapture Theory, Unveiled is a must-read – a valuable volume for every church and Christian’s library.