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1. The 70th week of Daniel: Past or future?

  • Learn who the king talked about in Daniel 11:36 really is.
    (Hint: It is not the antichrist.)
  • Learn the beginning date of the 70 weeks in Chapter 9 of Daniel.
  • Learn whether or not a gap exists between the 69th and 70th week.

2. “So all Israel will be saved…”
What did Paul mean in Romans 11:26?

  • Learn why there’s only one olive tree in Romans 11:16-24.
  • Learn the difference between “the nation of Israel” and God’s chosen, called “The Israel of God.”
  • Discover the verses Paul uses to answer this question — and much more.

3. Correcting the Dispensational misinterpretation of Matthew 24

  • Discern which interpretation system of men is best and which is the worst.
  • Explore whether or not the Bible divides itself into covenants or dispensations.
  • See that all verses from Matthew 24:1-24 and 31 are about the destruction of the
    Temple in AD70 which Jesus himself destroyed — NOT about something in the future.

4. BRAND NEW!  Comprehensive commentary of the Book of Revelation.

  • A complete verse-by-verse exposition of Revelation.
  • Comprehensive explanation of the “hard-to-understand” verses.
  • Written for the average Bible reader — yet suitable for the Bible scholar.