Welcome, Friends!

Ed Budd
Your Host and Teacher

This is broadcast home site for: The End Times According to the Bible.

I am thrilled and thankful to the Lord for allowing me to return to the broadcast, following a nearly two-year interruption while I recovered from a series of health afflictions and experienced protracted recoveries from multiple surgeries.

I missed being with you each week and opening God’s precious Word to learn more about the important subject of the end times according to the Bible.

You will also notice that we have launched our new website and broadcast archives.

While this is still new and may have a few small issues – we trust that we will be able to serve you better in the days and years ahead.

Just a reminder…you can click on the ChristianTalk 660AM logo to listen live as the broadcast goes out LIVE both over the airways and here on the Internet.

If you experience any difficulty with the functionality of this site, just send us an email to info@edbudd.net and we will try to help you.May God richly bless us as we study His Word together.